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Evidence-based Mindfulness Practice

Our Team

Pearlyn Tok

Executive Editor


June 2020 - now

Currently, a student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Pearlyn is continuing to pursue her studies in Aerospace Engineering after she graduated with a diploma with merit in Aeronautical and Aerospace Technology. Pearlyn is working as a part-time staff at Geropsych Consultants to gain more experience and learn new things. She has experience working at the Singapore cruise centre as a check-in agent who deals with passports and documents of passengers on board. She has won many awards for her school as a Chinese dancer and band member in primary and secondary school. She has taken up leadership positions in school as a class representative, band secretary, and CCA in charge. She even represented  Nanyang Polythechnic in WorldSkills Singapore 2021, CNC Turning, and won the silver medal.

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