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Recruiting Participants for E-survey

Are you an older person who has become more or less physically active due to covid-19?

Do you know older people who have turned to technology during the pandemic?

Has your health condition been affected in the past two years?

Old Asian man watching a tablet
Elderly couple

To better identify the risks of frailty, falls and other health consequences of covid-19, and gain insights to appropriate interventions, we seek cognitively healthy adults aged 60 and above to participate in an e-survey. Participants should be able to read and understand English.

Click here for the e-survey or scan the QR code. It should take about 20 minutes to complete this survey. If you are unable to access it, contact us at 6924 9625.

Thank you for your participation in advance. We will be delighted to share the survey results when they become available.

Office Team

Who We Are

GeroPsych Consultants Pte. Ltd. is a geropsychological knowledge enterprise in Singapore. Founded in August 2017, we aim to inform and train stakeholders, as well as create and share knowledge in geropsychology: the psychological aspects of ageing and caregiving of seniors.

What We Are

GeroPsych Consultants is a proud signatory of the Digital Participation Pledge. We are committed to deliver technology-supported programmes, services and solutions across our functional areas, and with our partners and stakeholders. We are excited to work with MCI and IMDA to embed technology in supporting research and evaluation, education and training, and consultancy and counselling in geropsychology.


Our Team

We are a growing and dynamic team of consultants with backgrounds in geropsychology, gerontology, psychology, communications, business management, health services research, psychometric assessment and data analytics. Contact us today to discover how we can help.

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