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Wayne’s Courses

Part-time Lecturer, Division of Psychology, School of Social Sciences, NTU Singapore

I develop, coordinate, and instruct HP3303 Geropsychology and HP4032 Laboratory in Geropsychology in the undergraduate programme.

HP3303 Geropsychology

This course introduces students to the biopsychosocial processes and broad socioeconomic trends surrounding ageing. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the ageing phenomenon, students are exposed to universal geropsychological processes, and locale-specific socioeconomic trends in Singapore. This course also imparts know-how in informal caregiving, psychosocial interventions, and policy/programme advocacy regarding ageing issues. Finally, this course stimulates students’ awareness of their own attitudes and beliefs on ageing.


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Part 1 Overview: Concepts, Theory, and Methods

Sex Hormones, Cognitive and Physical Ageing

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Personality and health in old age

Social Interrelations in Ageing

HP4032 Laboratory in Geropsychology

The course content is organized around two intertwined pedagogical approaches. Firstly, the course content provides a general introduction to common research paradigms and methods used in geropsychology, including, basic conceptions about scientific method, measurement, reliability, validity, quasi-experimental and observational designs, research settings, integrity, and ethics.


Secondly, this course provides the experience of executing research. Students will apply the basic concepts in a series of two projects and two short assignments. Students will gain hands-on practical experience in writing a research protocol/proposal, designing, and conducting quasi-experiments and observational studies, working with real data sets, processing, coding, analyzing the data using appropriate statistical techniques, writing up results, and making an oral research presentation.


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